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Leonard and Ann Marie Wilson

Leonard Wilson     Ann Marie Wilson

Leonard & Ann Marie Wilson met when she showed up on his doorstep where they quickly bonded over nearly everything, including their shared love of writing. Two years later they were married and collaborating on nearly everything, including writing as freelancers for role-playing games.

Leonard came to storytelling first through Dungeons & Dragons, then on to other role-playing games. Immediately after earning a degree in writing, he began freelancing, writing adventures for the RPG industry. While he was never a prolific author, the internet still seems to regard a couple of his works as classics of their type ("The Ghost of Mistmoor" in Dungeon magazine, and "The Heart Blade" in Pendragon's Blood and Lust adventure anthology). Coincidentally, those same two adventures are what paid for their wedding rings and honeymoon.

Ann was a gamer girl in her own right when they met, and she retains an "old school" pedigree longer than anyone who's ever accused her of being a poser. She wrote stories for fun, but thanks to the careless words of a particularly unfortunate English teacher, never got around to pursuing her ambitions of publishing before she met Leonard. That didn't stop her from finishing her first novel-length manuscript before he finished his.

They launched their own imprint, Lost in the Wood Press, just in time to have it as a steady project to ride out the COVID lockdown, and are loving the complete creative freedom that comes with self-publishing.

Lynn Ericson

Lynn Ericson is the name Ann Marie and Leonard Wilson write under when they want to take a break from writing high-stakes horror and cleanse their palate with something more playful. Less violence. More sex. Either way, they consider it just a different sort of seduction.

A good horror story entices your imagination slowly on a descent into darkness. A good romance entices your imagination with…other things.

Fellowship of Conway Literati

We are pleased to be assisting local writing group, The Fellowship of Conway Literati, with editing and publishing their upcoming charity anthology, She is Fierce.